Álvaro Pedro (o Pedro dos Leitões), was born on March 6, 1903, in Alpalhão, Anadia county.

With 17 years left for Brazil, where he worked as head-chef on a dining car, in a train that linked Brazil and Argentina


He returned to Portugal, and continued in the area, working in several hotels where he perfected his training. In 1941, it acquired its first establishment, which operated with a grocery store and a tavern section, where it sold suckling pig sandwiches as a meal to drivers who were driving on the EN1 at the time. This is where Pedro dos Leitões begins (the first restaurant in the world to sell Bairrada roasted pig).

In 1949 he opened a new restaurant space, in the same place where it is located today. Continuing for several years to be the only Bairrada roasted pig restaurant in Portugal.

In 1982, he formed a partnership with his nephew Carlos Alberto Simões Castela, who later offered a partnership to his sons Sandra, Pedro and Filipe, current managers.

Álvaro Pedro dies on April 12, 1987, aged 84, and leaves the continuity of his work at the hands of his nephew Carlos Alberto, who, in 1996, offers society to their children, Sandra, Pedro and Filipe, who, along with his father, form the current management of the company.

Today, “Pedro dos Leitões” has a capacity of around 430 people, offering a spacious and comfortable for its customers as well as a unique service in the art of restoration and, in particular, its ex-libris, Bairrada roasted pig.



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World distinction

World distinction

O “Pedro dos Leitões” foi galardoado com o prémio “New Millennium Award” em Madrid, pela excelência de sua qualidade de serviços…

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Bairrada Roasted Piglet

Bairrada Roasted Piglet

Receita Alho, banha de Porco, sal grosso e pimenta, previamente escolhidos entre vários lotes possíveis. Segredo O doseamento dos ingredientes, a temperatura do forno e a capacidade do assador. Deve servir-se com batata frita em rodelas, salada de alface e acompanhado...

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O Pedro dos Leitões offers you a space where you can watch all the three great games in the league, Champions League and Uefa Cup on big screen. Come and share this space!

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Good location with private and guarded parking. Good service and great food. The roasted pig is a wonder
M. L. Maia

Vila Nova da Barquinha

Suckling pig with potatoes, delicious !! Really worth it! And for dessert, do not miss the homemade rice pudding !! hmmm, very good !!!
Marília M


A delight soft roasted pig with a crispy shell. Accompanied by salad and chips. It is worth checking!
Eduardo M.

São Paulo

Servde hot roasted pig, just baked, with toasted skin and fat clinging to the meat. Throughout Mealhada there is no restaurant that serves this quality steadily … that’s why the best
Tiago A.


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